Heat Transfer

ProPak Solutions offers the right products designed & built for fluid handling & heat transfer applications.

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer systems are designed to isolate different types of hydronic systems to isolate and protect critical process equipment. Whether isolating building supply systems, process heating and cooling systems or other sensitive equipment, every heat transfer system we design and produce will have the highest quality to guarantee the safety to the end user. Our knowledge of integrating boilers, pumps, heat exchangers and controls allows ProPak to deliver the perfect solution for your sensitive hydronic equipment systems. Every system usually includes pumps and heat exchangers, trim, headers, hydronic specialties, electrical disconnect, controls, and VFD’s on a single steel skid for quick installation.


Factory Designed and Produced at one site for complete coordination of components and final layout

Best in class Bell & Gossett pumps and hydronic specialties, plus custom selection of any accessory or critical component.

Standard or custom controls based on system complexity – but always integrated and tested at the factory.

Standard designs available for quick ship, or full customization for designs requiring additional attention.

Accurate, fixed costs and faster installation for an overall better job.



  • 125 PSIG components throughout.
  • U.L. listed panels and single point electrical connection.
  • Full structural base to provide long term stability and serviceability for your project.
  • Clear connection points for all piping and electrical for faster installation.
  • Pressure and electrical testing for plug and play dependability


  • Selectable equipment vendors to optimize design and efficiency.
  • Plate and Frame Heat exchangers to isolate the sensitive equipment and fluid loops
  • Full redundancy of components to provide continuous duty under all conditions.
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